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Skynet Seafoods co. is an International seafood supplier. Our head office stand at Chittagong Bangladesh it has a wide network throughout the world and is actively engaged in marketing and promotion of all nutritious Seafood products to the International markets. Skynet Seafoods has been engaged in various forms of supplying both internally and abroad and has achieved good reputation in line with the spirit of dedication, endeavour, reliability and the principle of quality, mutual benefit and development. the company has unique and reliable relations with Worldwide Importers. Skynet Seafoods wishes to keep a close relation with the Worldwide Seafood Importers, Exporters & agents "all efforts are for the satisfaction of the clientele". The company is ready to provide excellent services as to our interest as we have an easy access to large variety of Seafood species. Skynet Seafoods is strongly committed for uncompromising quality, hygiene couple with dedicated team work which largely stands out for it success. Skynet Seafoods relies on its broad-based knowledge, experience and dedication of its teamwork with a tremendous effort to satisfy the World wide importers. The people with knowledge and abilities to bring "the seafoood to the future.


   " Skynet Seafoods ensures and maintains the highest standards in quality for seafood,  which export  rendered trough them company and strongly believes that you are not only our customer but a partner too. Skynet Seafoods strongly believes to serve customers with full satisfaction "The Better Relation" and obviously leaves a prominent mark on  this specialized area with strong commitment for quality along with the rest of the scene. We ensure following services to our valued customers being their local representative here. 


1. Sourcing: We do sourcing of quality frozen sea foods from Packers under their brand or customer's brand. All the way we get the product processed under our own care to maintain quality of the products at international standard. 


2. Competitive Pricing: We maintain competitive prices at international market level & create confidence of the customer to purchase the right product at correct price level. 


3. Set up quality control system: We have our own quality control team who are working permanently in the processing facilities of our packers and maintain quality in every step of processing i.e. receiving, grading, washing, weighting, panning , freezing, packing, storage and finally shipment procedures. 


4. Pre-shipment inspection and shipment supervision: Finally, we conduct pre-shipment inspection on each and every consignment at random sampling basis and make inspection report which we forward to our customer for approval of shipment. 


5. Reporting System: We have every sophisticated reporting system to our customers specially as follows:


a. Weekly harvesting report of sea foods: We confirm our customer how many quantities of seafoods harvested every week in our sourcing area so that our customer knows how to purchase from here. 


b. Shipping report: We confirm our customer every 15 days the shipping reports confirming Brand-name, buyers, species, quantities, shipment dates etc. So that our customers can make their purchasing and selling plan property. 


c. Market Information: We confirm our customer every day's market information, buyer's activities, buying-selling prices, international market report etc. So that our customer can take proper decision of purchase and sales of their products.